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When Sinners Say "I Do" Discovering the Power of the Gospel for Marriage

The gospel is something we need in every area of our lives.  In marriage and in singleness.  In joy and in sorrow.  In good times and in hard times.  When life feels good and when life feels confusing.  This book showed so much of my need for Jesus and His grace. It calls us to look at our own sins and not be so easy to point out the sins of those around us.   It shows the great gravity of our sins.  We can all tend to point fingers and defend or blame our sins on others or life circumstances.  I think especially today it is so easy to do this and not truly see our sins.  "It is wrong, not because of what it does to me, or my spouse, or child, or neighbor, but because it is an act of rebellion against the infinitely holy and majestic God." -Jerry Bridges "There can be no small sins against a great God." -J.I. Packer Dave Harvey mentions in the book that with true sorrow of our "little sins", our awareness of God and His mercy grow. Be quick to see our own

Beginning of Fall (2018) Semester

It's been a while.  A hot minute since I last posted.  There's something about starting school, getting back into the swing of things, and organizing things that make me want to sit down and actually write a post.  I've read three books in the last two weeks, it's been a while since I've done that.  And when I'm on a role with reading then I feel like I need to be on a role with posting on here and then also my book review blog.  But whenever I try to write a book review it never, ever comes out right.  I'm scared to share too much, but also not enough.  I'm a super private person.  Unless I'm with my family, then I'm probably considered a complainer with them.  But around other people it's hard for me to really open up, it takes a while to trust and I have to be good friends and really like them to be comfortable enough to share.  So writing a blog post on some, somewhat personal things can be intimating.  A little haunting.  Did I mention I also over think everything which is another reason I'm not SUPER big on social media thing.  I enjoy it, do it once in a while, but mostly I just spy on others.  I'm really good at that.  I see things, I notice.  I like to watch and read people.  I sometimes can feel other people's emotions, but also be completely drowned in them as well.  It's been a good few months to learn to love, forgive and see a lot of my own sin as I walk through this crazy life.  It's good to just live in the grace of today.  Not worrying about tomorrow, sufficient is today's troubles.

I start school this week. Yay.  NO, really this will be a good, but different year for me.  It's my first time EVER, taking a class on campus.  I'm excited, but also a bit nervous. I know it's good for me, but I'm just not sure how I will do learning in a class room setting, I don't think I'll do as well.  But it's a little hoorah for my last semester.  After these three(?) months I'll be done with school, that's the plan at least.  I'll have two certificates that will allow me to apply at other office managements or bookkeeping positions if I ever needed or wanted to.  I mean, I might take a class or two for fun with my sister, but I'm really planning on being done with school... forEVER.

To the beginning of my last semester


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