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Thankfulness & God's Faithfulness

I'm so very thankful for this year.  God has always been so faithful to me.  He's protected me, loved me, and given my joy in hard times.  I remember this time last year, I did not want to celebrate any Holidays.  I did not want to celebrate Thanksgiving or Christmas.  I had a heart that wasn't ready to move on or let go.  I had a stubborn heart, one that wasn't willing to listen or heal.  I had a broken heart, one that was not allowing me to be thankful for yet another year.  Even then God provided ways for me to heal and the space I needed, in providing opportunities to stay home for Thanksgiving and to be traveling all through Christmas and New Years.  God was so good to me.  Today I look back and think of just how far God has taken me.  I'm thankful He protected me from a very bad situation and gave me healing in that.  I'm thankful He took me far away from two really hard circumstances and allowed me to start over.  I look back over this last year and the h

~Lives Whirlwind of Events~

Eight months have past since I last wrote a post.  A lot has happened in those months.  And still seem to be happening.   Life never really takes a break and we keep getting older and things keep going on around us.

A few fun and mentionable things that happened so far this year, in no specific order:

1. I graduated from high-school (AHH!!!YAY!)
2. Went on my first road trip with friends.  (Seriously, amazing and was a blast)
3. Went to Disneyland for the first time!
4. Took my first college class.
5. Went on a trip, with friends only, to Palm Springs.
6.  Started a blog...
7. Got my braces off!
8. Got my first apple laptop.
9. Feeling a bit more grown up! ;)

SiSterS <3 

Life is a bit different for us, with Ethan and I driving, me done with school and figuring out my next chapter.  But I am beyond thankful for my parents and their love and support!  And for the Lord's mercy!  
Nervous about many things, but thankful for all the possibilities!


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