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When Sinners Say "I Do" Discovering the Power of the Gospel for Marriage

The gospel is something we need in every area of our lives.  In marriage and in singleness.  In joy and in sorrow.  In good times and in hard times.  When life feels good and when life feels confusing.  This book showed so much of my need for Jesus and His grace. It calls us to look at our own sins and not be so easy to point out the sins of those around us.   It shows the great gravity of our sins.  We can all tend to point fingers and defend or blame our sins on others or life circumstances.  I think especially today it is so easy to do this and not truly see our sins.  "It is wrong, not because of what it does to me, or my spouse, or child, or neighbor, but because it is an act of rebellion against the infinitely holy and majestic God." -Jerry Bridges "There can be no small sins against a great God." -J.I. Packer Dave Harvey mentions in the book that with true sorrow of our "little sins", our awareness of God and His mercy grow. Be quick to see our own

The Maze Runner:
I finished this book a few weeks ago.  I really liked it.
It was about a group of boys who were placed in the 'glade'.  A big place that is almost like a prison for teen boys.  No way for escape, only the Maze that is on the outside of the big walls.  Everyday a big door opens for the gladers to search the Maze and then the door closes for the night.
Thomas comes just like all the other gladers did.  Through a big elevator that comes from the ground, with his memory erased.  But Thomas is different.  He feels like he knows the place and even some of the gladers say they have seen him before.
Thomas triggers the end of the glade.  Will the gladers be able to accomplish what they had hoped to do from the beginning...find a way out of the Maze?

The Scourge Trials:
This book is the second book in the Maze Runner series.
Thomas and his friends thought they were through with all hardships, but they were wrong.  Everything about the W.I.C.K.E.D. program is mysterious and things they thought were real they aren't sure if they are and they can't tell the good guys from the bad guys.
Now they must go through another trial...the scourge.  This time it is promised to be much harder.  Will they be able to do it and how many more of them must die, to accomplish what W.I.C.K.E.D. hopes to accomplish?

Because of Mr. Terupt:
This book was amazing.  Another read-out-loud for school that had me at least in tears.
This story is about the teacher Mr. Terupt who comes along side each of the children in his class and makes a difference in their lives. The children don't know how much they need him and love him until an accident happens...


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