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Thankfulness & God's Faithfulness

I'm so very thankful for this year.  God has always been so faithful to me.  He's protected me, loved me, and given my joy in hard times.  I remember this time last year, I did not want to celebrate any Holidays.  I did not want to celebrate Thanksgiving or Christmas.  I had a heart that wasn't ready to move on or let go.  I had a stubborn heart, one that wasn't willing to listen or heal.  I had a broken heart, one that was not allowing me to be thankful for yet another year.  Even then God provided ways for me to heal and the space I needed, in providing opportunities to stay home for Thanksgiving and to be traveling all through Christmas and New Years.  God was so good to me.  Today I look back and think of just how far God has taken me.  I'm thankful He protected me from a very bad situation and gave me healing in that.  I'm thankful He took me far away from two really hard circumstances and allowed me to start over.  I look back over this last year and the h

The Clue in the Old stagecoach: The series of Nancy Drew

Nancy Drew and her friends are staying at a small town in Francisville, where Mrs. Strook tells the girls about her uncle and what happened to him, and how he had hid a stagecoach with some thing valueble in it.  Nancy searches for clues to the stagecoach, and runs into some trouble along the way.  Will Nancy be able to find the stagecoach and the treasure that is in it to save the little town?  I enjoyed this book a lot!!!


  1. Hi Alyssa. That book sounds good too. Keep up the good work. Love Grandma


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