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When Sinners Say "I Do" Discovering the Power of the Gospel for Marriage

The gospel is something we need in every area of our lives.  In marriage and in singleness.  In joy and in sorrow.  In good times and in hard times.  When life feels good and when life feels confusing.  This book showed so much of my need for Jesus and His grace. It calls us to look at our own sins and not be so easy to point out the sins of those around us.   It shows the great gravity of our sins.  We can all tend to point fingers and defend or blame our sins on others or life circumstances.  I think especially today it is so easy to do this and not truly see our sins.  "It is wrong, not because of what it does to me, or my spouse, or child, or neighbor, but because it is an act of rebellion against the infinitely holy and majestic God." -Jerry Bridges "There can be no small sins against a great God." -J.I. Packer Dave Harvey mentions in the book that with true sorrow of our "little sins", our awareness of God and His mercy grow. Be quick to see our own


Sorry again and again.  I just can't found time to do my blog.  So here is 5 new books.

The Ghost of the Blackwood Hall; Nancy Drew series
Nancy Drew and her friends are helping an old lady, who lost her husband a couple years ago.  She burid her jewly in the woods one day and it was gone when she came back. So she asked Nancy Drew to help her find it.  She thought she was helping poor children out by sending them money. But Nancy doesn't think so. I enjoyed this book a lot.

The Sky Phantom; Nancy Drew series
Nancy, Bess and George are on a vacation, and Nancy is learning how to fly a plane.  While flying, Nancy and her trainer see a Phantom in the clouds.  Can Nancy figure out what makes the phantom appear?

The Secret of the Golden Pavilion; series of Nancy Drew
while Nancy is on a vacation at Hawaii,  like always she is trying to solve a mystery. Everyone is spooked out about seeing a ghost on the beach.  But not Nancy.  Can Nancy and her friends solve the mystery? 

The Ghost Squad and the Ghoul of Grunberg
The ghost squad are trying to solve the mystery of the disappearance of a boy.  I liked this book.  And if you read it you;ll have to really remember that it is only a book.

The Sercet of in the Old Attic
Nancy Drew is trying to find the missing music of Philip March.While solving it she has to stay in a spooky old house. I loved this one too!

Thank You!!!


  1. You picked a great day to post on your blog!!! Nancy Drew sees a lot of ghosts. Spooky, spooky, spooky!!!

  2. Hi Alyssa. I can imagine why it is so hard to get to your blog, because you read so mannnnnnnny books. I am going to start reading some of the books you have on your blog, because you make them so interesting to me. Thank you so much for making them interesting for me to pick up a book again and start reading again.
    I love you


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