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The Battle Between Truth & Feelings

"The worst battle I've ever fought is between what I knew and what I felt."How true is this?  Emotions and feelings can feel so like truth.  They can be so blinding, leading us on a goose chase to get what we think (feel) we need.  They become the thing we live for and strive after.  They can lead you away from good friendships, from the truth you grew up learning, running from good and clear counsel.  It's so dangerous to chase after your feelings, believe them to be truth over everything else- over true wisdom, truth, honesty, true love and friendship, and blind you to follow after the worlds version of truth or what your heart wants.  How scary is that. 
What we know is truth...
We know as believers that God's word is the only source of truth.  It is our anchor, our truth, what we live by.  When the world feeds us lies and these half-truths fueled to feed our sinful desires, we can always turn to God's word to lead us and guide us in our lives.  
But feelin…

2 Weeks in 1

Week #1
Wow this week seemed really long.  It feels like its been weeks, but really it's only been a little over a week.  Nothing much happened, my dad has been gone at the Shepherds Conference this week so the rest of us have kept busy with a sleepover in the living room, movies, and dinner out.  It's been fun, but we are all ready for him to come home.

School is going great and I have my midterm next week.  Crazy how fast it all is going.  Already trying to make some summer plans! ;)  Work as always is trying, but I thank the Lord for the opportunity and ability to do it.

I'm currently reading Idols of the Heart by Elyse M. Fitzpatrick.  It's amazing the many things that can take the place of God in our lives.  It makes me that more thankful for the Sacrifice Christ did on the cross for us.  Taking all our past, present and future sins upon His shoulders.  It makes me thankful that we can come before the throne of God and ask for help against our idols and that He has given us the Holy Spirit to help us fight against our flesh.

Last Year's Road Trip with friends
Week #2
Each week brings a new amount of work and school.  Each weeks shows you more and more where you struggle and fall short.  I feel each weeks starts with new emotions, some good and some not so.  There is no resting or peace, I feel there is a constant battle inside me.  Raging against my flesh.  Sin makes itself known, idols take over my heart, and there is a battle of keeping my heart on the things of the Lord.  It's east to feel sorry for myself and find myself seeking joy in other things, only to find that when this certain 'thing' doesn't come through for me it is also my source of sadness, anger, or discontentment.
I know what God says about idols and about where I can find true joy and contentment, but how do I get to the point where I am there, where I'm not looking for this world or anything in it to bring me joy.  I know in my mind that it doesn't and that I will always find things to grumble about and things to desire more.  But I don't know how to get my heart in the right place other than praying and reading God's word.  My mind is so easily distracted and seeking.  So easily bored and wanting.  Finding joy in right now and where I'm currently at, is so hard, but I know it's what I'm called to be doing and I truly have so much to praise God for.


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