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The Battle Between Truth & Feelings

"The worst battle I've ever fought is between what I knew and what I felt." How true is this?  Emotions and feelings can feel so like truth.  They can be so blinding, leading us on a goose chase to get what we think (feel) we need.  They become the thing we live for and strive after.  They can lead you away from good friendships, from the truth you grew up learning, running from good and clear counsel.  It's so dangerous to chase after your feelings, believe them to be truth over everything else- over true wisdom, truth, honesty, true love and friendship, and blind you to follow after the worlds version of truth or what your heart wants.  How scary is that.  What we know is truth... We know as believers that God's word is the only source of truth.  It is our anchor, our truth, what we live by.  When the world feeds us lies and these half-truths fueled to feed our sinful desires, we can always turn to God's word to lead us and guide us in our lives. 

NEW YEARS ~2017~

Well, it's been awhile... let's see, my last post was in, SEPTEMBER.  Yeah these last few months kind of slipped by at lightening speed.  I didn't write a single thing in my journal in that time, (that's a lot of catching up I had to do).  I also only wrote four blog post here: Journal of a Book Nerd
You have no idea how many books I need to post to catch up!  I'll probably never be able to do it...
I don't know what made these last months so crazy, but they where.  My dad's business, though a blessing and all by God's grace, has taken off, this has made our family (all of us) busy.  I've been working for my dad three days a week, it's a lot to get it (in bookkeeping standards) to where it needs to be, because if you know my dad, he isn't the most organized person!  He got an office/warehouse, so he has been there most days, working on keeping everything going and running.
Ethan is currently working for my dad two days a week.  Owen helps when needed, mom and Evelyn clean the office once a week and we all are trying to get use to this new craziness.
For me, my first semester in college, my first two real jobs, and it's all taking some time getting use to.  I find it all daunting at times, but I'm thankful for the opportunities. For the chance to work with my dad and learn the bookkeeping ways.  And though my nanny job has proven to be difficult, I am also thankful for ability to do it and the chance to work with kids.  I'm thankful that my employer is kind and understanding.  I'm blessed with both my employers! :)

In November we were able to take a couple days off and go to the Grand Canyon for the weekend, also my birthday!
It was great to get-away and spend time with the family.

December was a crazy month with Christmas parties and trying to get in all our traditions (P.J. shopping, christmas lights, etc...)

And now the New Year is here and I can't even believe it.  Like seriously, where did this year go?
Of course with the new year comes new goals and resolutions!

My biggest 2016 resolutions was to get a job and be able to pay for a couple of my own things.  I bought a car this year and am able to afford to use and take care of it;
  1. This new year I hope to use for God's glory!  I've found myself being governed a lot by my emotions and desires.  So much so that I sometimes miss the now and the time I have with my family or working or going to school.  So my biggest thing is to be thankful for each day and moment.
  2. I want to be more on top of my blog, Journal of a Booknerd, and also this blog.  I would like to get more followers and be more creative with both.
  3. I want to understand more what I want to do and how to do it.  I want to know if being a bookkeeper is what is right for me.  I want to do my best in school and I want to enjoy my family and friends.
  4. I want to read more books, this year I meet my goal of reading 50 books and exceeded it.  I read 60 books this year!  So this new year I want to read even more, plus read the Harry Potter series!  :)
These are my 2017 resolutions, but it may change in the next few hours or more may be added later.

But one thing I do want, is to use this blog as a journal.  I won't write all my personal struggles or embarrassing moments, but I want to write out my feelings and memories so that in years to come I can look back and see what I did in, 2017...


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