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The Battle Between Truth & Feelings

"The worst battle I've ever fought is between what I knew and what I felt."How true is this?  Emotions and feelings can feel so like truth.  They can be so blinding, leading us on a goose chase to get what we think (feel) we need.  They become the thing we live for and strive after.  They can lead you away from good friendships, from the truth you grew up learning, running from good and clear counsel.  It's so dangerous to chase after your feelings, believe them to be truth over everything else- over true wisdom, truth, honesty, true love and friendship, and blind you to follow after the worlds version of truth or what your heart wants.  How scary is that. 
What we know is truth...
We know as believers that God's word is the only source of truth.  It is our anchor, our truth, what we live by.  When the world feeds us lies and these half-truths fueled to feed our sinful desires, we can always turn to God's word to lead us and guide us in our lives.  
But feelin…

~Lives Whirlwind of Events~

Eight months have past since I last wrote a post.  A lot has happened in those months.  And still seem to be happening.   Life never really takes a break and we keep getting older and things keep going on around us.

A few fun and mentionable things that happened so far this year, in no specific order:

1. I graduated from high-school (AHH!!!YAY!)
2. Went on my first road trip with friends.  (Seriously, amazing and was a blast)
3. Went to Disneyland for the first time!
4. Took my first college class.
5. Went on a trip, with friends only, to Palm Springs.
6.  Started a blog...
7. Got my braces off!
8. Got my first apple laptop.
9. Feeling a bit more grown up! ;)

SiSterS <3 

Life is a bit different for us, with Ethan and I driving, me done with school and figuring out my next chapter.  But I am beyond thankful for my parents and their love and support!  And for the Lord's mercy!  
Nervous about many things, but thankful for all the possibilities!


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