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I am so excited to share this book review!!  I've been following GirlDefined for a few years now and have enjoyed every book they have published and have grown and been encouraged so much by their ministry.  I signed up to be apart of their launch team for their new devotional and was so beyond excited to be chosen!  This journey has been so exciting and fun and I'm so glad I got a chance to be a part of it! I love Kristin and Bethany’s heart for the Lord.   They’re desire to put Him above all else in their lives and to share and encourage girls and young women to do the same.   The thing that first stood out to me as I began to read their Shine Bright Devotional was this line in their intro- “just keep in mind that this devotional isn’t intended to replace time in God’s word each day; it’s meant to supplement it.” I think this is so important to realize as we start each new devotional or christian book.   We are meant to read God’s word and be in daily fellowship with Him.   T

Divergent Serious

In the city of Chicago, there are five factions, the Candor (honest), Abnegation (selfless),  Dauntless (brave),  Erudite, (intelligent), and the Amity (peaceful). Every citizen at the age of sixteen on a certain day must choose which faction he or she will spend the rest of their lives in.  Either stay with their family and friends or leave, never to return.  Beatrice must make the hard choice, to stay or to leave.  Her choice will change her life forever and nothing will ever be the same again.  And she will have to keep a big secret, because if anyone finds out she is divergent, she will die.
This was my favorite book in the serious

The fractions are a mess, war threatens their comfortable lives and Tris is in the middle of it.  Her life is crazy and grief and guilt are gnawing at her.  Will she be able to think straight to help those whom she loves?  Or will she sacrifice her life because of the pain?

The factions are gone.  There is no more life as Tris and her friends knew it to be and know they are outside the city gates, finding out all the secretes and lies of their past life.  Will they be able to forgive those who caused them so much pain and confusion?  Will they be able straighten out their lives and make right all the wrong?  Will they be able to help those who are in trouble?

I really liked these books!  Super good and interesting...really hard to put them down.

This book was more intense on the intimacy part.  The love story was too much and had a lot of detail.  There was some things said and then things done also.  A lot of in depth kissing and then two scenes, one in the second book and then in the third that was not good and I had to skim over them.  Other than that and a few bad words in each book, they were good.


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