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The Battle Between Truth & Feelings

"The worst battle I've ever fought is between what I knew and what I felt." How true is this?  Emotions and feelings can feel so like truth.  They can be so blinding, leading us on a goose chase to get what we think (feel) we need.  They become the thing we live for and strive after.  They can lead you away from good friendships, from the truth you grew up learning, running from good and clear counsel.  It's so dangerous to chase after your feelings, believe them to be truth over everything else- over true wisdom, truth, honesty, true love and friendship, and blind you to follow after the worlds version of truth or what your heart wants.  How scary is that.  What we know is truth... We know as believers that God's word is the only source of truth.  It is our anchor, our truth, what we live by.  When the world feeds us lies and these half-truths fueled to feed our sinful desires, we can always turn to God's word to lead us and guide us in our lives. 

Before You Meet Prince Charming; by Sarah Mally

This book is written for young women and girls and its goal is to help them in a day to day battle to keep their hearts pure.

Every girl feels the same pain of emptiness, loneliness, and lustful feelings for wanting to be loved and the author of this book sympathizes with all girls, encouraging them in this matter.   Sarah Mally encourages us in many areas such as looking for the right aspects in a person.  She says to wait upon the Lord instead of anxiously worrying if there ever will be the right one.  Instead of flirting and things like this we need to instead keep our focus on God and He will in time bring the right person in our lives.  God will fill our emptiness if we just trust in Him and wait upon Him.  Sometimes God does not give us our desires but we need to trust in Him knowing that He has a perfect plan in each of our lives.

What I liked about this book is that it moved me in many different ways.  It strengthened my faith and led me to think more about how I was living my life and also how to live my life more like Christ.  It encouraged me by knowing that I am not the only one who struggles with this and that I can look to the Lord for help.  And though it is a hard battle I know that I can look to the Lord for strength day to day.    And through the struggles I know that God has a plan for my life and that he already knows if I will and to whom I will get married to.

Another great thing about this book is that it had many examples of struggles and also joys in the lives of others.  This will also encourage us knowing what to and not to do.

This book also has a fairy tale story  in the beginning of each chapter telling the life of a princess and the struggles she faced, with temptations from the alligator. And though the whole time she faced temptations and heard lies she kept her heart pure, with many hard days and nights, until the day she met her own prince charming.

                This book was a really great book and should be read by all young girls who face the same trials. 


  1. I read this book and then I had to write a report on it for AWANA so I thought I would share the whole book report. This book is so good and encouraging!

  2. That is really cool!!! Great book report!!! Thanks so much for posting this, it really encouraged me!!! I was starting to get worried about my own book report, and this really really helped me. Thanks!!!


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