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I am so excited to share this book review!!  I've been following GirlDefined for a few years now and have enjoyed every book they have published and have grown and been encouraged so much by their ministry.  I signed up to be apart of their launch team for their new devotional and was so beyond excited to be chosen!  This journey has been so exciting and fun and I'm so glad I got a chance to be a part of it! I love Kristin and Bethany’s heart for the Lord.   They’re desire to put Him above all else in their lives and to share and encourage girls and young women to do the same.   The thing that first stood out to me as I began to read their Shine Bright Devotional was this line in their intro- “just keep in mind that this devotional isn’t intended to replace time in God’s word each day; it’s meant to supplement it.” I think this is so important to realize as we start each new devotional or christian book.   We are meant to read God’s word and be in daily fellowship with Him.   T

The Mystery of the Glowing Eye; sereis of Nancy Drew

Nancy Drew's father wants her to solve a mystery.  While Nancy is thinking about the glowing eye mystery, an airplane lands in their back yard. There is nobody on the plane, but Nancy finds a note telling that one of Nancy good friend was kidnapped.  Can Nancy find her friend and solve the mystery of the glowing eye?


  1. Glowing Eyes!! I have a glowing and sparkling personality, but not glowing eyes. We used to live right near the airport in Reno. It sometimes sounded like airplanes were landing in our yard.

  2. Hi Alyssa. Yes Uncle Kyle is right we used to live right under the path of the airplanes, and it seemed like they would land in our back yard, they were so loud. This also sounds like a good book you have read. As all of the books you have bloged to us in your wonderful words of bloging. It is just amazing how many good books you seem to pick out to read and tell us about. You certinaly make me want to start reading again, all of the interesting books you tell us about.
    All my love


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